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A Banarasi Saree is a type saree made in Varanasi, an ancient city which is also called Benares. These sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The Banarasi Silk Jaal Saree is the perfect piece to add to your collection of silk sarees. Made out of pure Banarasi Silk, this graceful saree is elegantly crafted with sophisticated weaving. Prepare yourself to turn heads with this stunning saree as you wear it to weddings or other special occasions.

Perfect for just about any occasion, Banarasi Sarees are a staple of South Asian beauty. Bring on the bhajans, the wedding parties and the late-night get togethers. They come in a spectrum of themes, from earthy brown to gunmetal gray to vibrant sherbets of orange and green. Striking textures, shades and designs (some with bling), the Banarasi Silk Saree will give any wearer an instant makeover.

The Paithani Saree is a variety of saree that is known for its elegant design and intricate detailing. This hand-woven saree is considered to be one of the most elegant because it's characteristics are similar to that of an art piece. The paithani motifs has a variety of designs and each design has a different look. Named after the Paithan village in Maharashtra, India, it is known for being hand made there. It also comes in the Banarasi style as the Banarasi Paithani Saree.

What is JAAL in saree?

Jaal-saree with butti is a traditional dress of India. This elegant piece is splendid and trendy in its design with the use of certain patterns like lattice, diamond, trellis etc. The butti is laid out in a network like a net so that it can easily be recognized as it is having patterned squares in different colors while the lattices are formed of tiny compartments to accommodate narrow strips of cloth.

Is banarasi silk real silk?

Banan Saree is a part of banarasi silk all sarees are pure silk, expensive and skin friendly, best for a party wear or any other occasion. Natural dyes give it a rich texture and makes sarees wrinkle resistant. You can enjoy different moods with it as we offer sheer and heavy fabric with good designs and patterns.

How can we identify pure banarasi?

By glancing at the saree's back side, you may determine its quality. Handmade, loom-woven Banarasi sarees will always have floats within the warp and weft grids, while machine-woven sarees will have a smooth finish.

What is the price of Banarasi saree?

Banarasi sarees are one of the most luxurious sarees in India. By buying the Banarasi saree on our website, you can get it at $149 only. We provide saris with top and trending designs like floral and silk jaal.

What is the texture of Banarasi silk?

Banarasi sarees have a rich texture, strong fabric and natural designs. They will not tear or deteriorate, no matter how many times they are worn. They come with the reassurance of strength after being hand woven on a loom.

Which paithani is best?

Though there are many variations to this ever-classic style, the paithani saree is a sight to behold. With its use of vibrant colors and intricate embroidery, it is sure to make you stand out at any occasion. When choosing a paithani saree, consider more casual and trendy looks in solid colors such as baby pink and lavender. At our store, we offer the finest quality paithani sarees direct from India at great prices.

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