Five Stunning Saree Looks to Bring Into Your 2022

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The New Year has arrived, and Mann Sey is here to show you the perfect outfits for a glittery and luxurious beginning! It’s time to reward yourself with the beautiful sarees that are in fashion now.

Look 1: Glass Tissue Silk Saree

Want to enter festivities with eye-catching, multicolored fabric that is unbelievably soft? Then you should definitely buy a glass tissue silk saree — perfect for any occasion, whether it be a New Year’s cocktail party or a Capricorn’s birthday celebration.

What makes the glass tissue silk saree so special is definitely the material. Comprised of pure silk threads, the saree resembles and feels like the world’s most lavish tissue paper. Of course, they are way too gorgeous to blow your nose in.


Look 2: Floral Ruffle Saree

Soon, the air will hold that warm, springtime quality. And what better way to begin the season than with enchanting, flowery patterns? Ruffle sarees have been in style since the 17th century, and Mann Sey holds high-quality ones fit for a princess.

The ruffle saree is definitely not out of fashion, with Bollywood stars like Alia Bhatt and Shilpa Shetty modeling them in 2021. With its stylish borders and fine material, we’re sure the love for this saree will continue into the New Year.


Look 3: Crepe Saree

True to its name — deriving from the French thin, crispy, delectable pancake — the crepe saree is made of featherlight to medium-weight material, and form-fitting and beautiful in its simplicity.

Although you could wear these to any party, crepe sarees are often donned for daily wear due to their extremely comfortable (yet stylish) fabric. It’s definitely a saree to feature in your 2022!


Look 4: Jaal Saree

Donned by the Mughal queens long ago, jaal sarees are a blast from the past with a modern twist. Embroidered with patterned silk weaving, these luxurious delights are innovative and elegant.

Whether you wear it to the fanciest of events, or even at a simple get-together, you’ll definitely be dressed in the most eye-catching look of the night!


Look 5: Paithani Saree

Last but certainly not least, this Maharastra-born material is probably the best-known saree of all. It’ll never go out of fashion, really — especially when there are so many different paithani styles

At Mann Sey, we know the best paithani styles are whatever you feel most comfortable and beautiful in. However, we definitely recommend our pre-stitched red banarasi and silk saree.  It even comes with a lovely, silky blouse.



Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for a fashionable beginning to 2022! We thank all our customers for the support this past year, and it’s definitely been a great one — we were even featured in “The Brown Holiday Gift Guide” by Product of Culture, an honor meant to highlight Desi-owned businesses. 

There’s so much more to come. Happy New Year from Mann Sey!

Written by Ruhani Chhabra

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