Mann Sey Brand

Mann Sey is a South Asian fashion brand that aspires to translate sophisticated Indian heritage and culture into effortless designs. Our vision is to create a modern take on traditional pieces by giving them breathable silhouettes that can be worn by anyone, regardless of ethnicity. Our lightweight fabrics and comfortable silhouettes are perfect for the diaspora.

Mann Sey, pronounced as /mann say/ gets its name from the Hindi Language and is a combination of two words, the word "mann" meaning "heart" and the word "sey" meaning "from the". Mann Sey loosely translates to "from the heart".

Motivated by the ethos of slow production, Mann Sey has cultivated a team of artisans who produce collections in accordance to fair-trade practices and use natural dyes. We adhere to ethical and sustainable practices in order to revitalize and give back to our community. 

Mann Sey Team

Mann Sey is a 100% women owned and operated company. We are a family run, mother daughter trio, passionate about effortless South Asian fashion.



Manju Reddy (in the middle) is a Fashion Designer by profession and is our Designer and Curator. Snigdha Reddy (on the left) and Sindhu Reddy (on the right) are siblings, daughters of Manju Reddy, and the Co-Founders of Mann Sey. Together, they lead Mann Sey's marketing and operations.