Inception of Mann Sey

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Like most ideas, Mann Sey was born out of necessity. Our mother, Manju Reddy is a fashion designer by profession but pursued various other career paths before realizing that fashion had her heart. Since our childhood, we admired our stylish mother, especially for the way she draped herself in six yards of elegance. Luckily for her, she was able to wear a saree as a uniform for the longest time, the first few years as a gorgeous air hostess, a few years later as a successful banquet manager at a five star resort, and a few years after that as an empathetic committee member at an NGO. No matter what the profession or event, she would light up every time she got an opportunity to dress up in a saree. We’d see her create this magic day after day, occasion after occasion with utter grace and elegance. Naturally, living with a fashion icon, we were mesmerized by sarees, fabrics, colors from an early age. When someone would ask us what we wanted to become when we grew up, we’d proudly say nothing but just like our mom; standing tall wrapped in a gorgeous saree.


Draping a saree is an art. Like most art forms, tying a saree doesn’t come naturally and takes a lot of effort to master. Little did we know that after moving far away from India to a different continent to pursue our dreams would make us even more passionate towards Indian clothes. All we wanted to do was drape a saree for those special occasions but wanting to replicate what our mum did so effortlessly growing up took tremendous effort especially when living alone. After hours of FaceTime calls with our mom trying to figure out how to drape a saree or having a friend come over just to help with the pleats, dressing up in Indian clothes started to feel like a chore. That’s when our first idea for Mann Sey was born. There had to be an easier way. Our wheels started turning, and after experimenting with different techniques for over a year, our signature One Minute Saree was born. Mann Sey Ready to Wear Saree takes less than a minute to tie and you do not need your mom around.


Our ready to wear sarees are not just for people who cannot tie a saree. It’s for young students that live alone and need help pleating, or for mothers who can tie a saree but don’t have the time to do so or for grand mothers who don’t have the strength to tie a saree or for all the non Indians who simply want to attend an Indian wedding in a saree. Our motto is to make Indian fashion effortless. Our goal is to make tying a saree less about feeling like a chore and more about looking as beautiful as your mom.


Mann Sey is an ode to our mother and to all mothers. We hope that you see her beauty in our designs, feel her passion in our fabrics, and feel her warmth when you wear them. She inspires us everyday and we want our collection to inspire and empower you the same way.

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