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How long does it take you to drape a saree? Getting the pleats right, finding the ideal length to lay over your shoulder, and pinning everything into place can be very daunting, exhausting, and can take close to an hour. Upon that, choosing matching jewelry and styling hair can take even longer and you can end up losing precious time in your day.

But what if I told you that you can drape a saree in one minute or less? 

This new and innovative saree will have you ready in just under a minute! In 3 simple steps, you are good to go. All you have to do is knot, hook, and drape! This ready to wear saree comes in many different styles and can be worn for various occasions. Including the banarasi saree, organza saree, sequin saree and more! You can view our Ready to Wear Saree collection on Mann Sey’s website. 


How do you wear a Ready to Wear Saree (pre-stitched saree)?



Step 1: Knot


When you open the saree, you will find one end of the saree with drawstrings and lined underskirt and the other end like a scarf. Find the drawstrings end of the saree and simply use the given strings to tie a knot around your waist. It should look like a wrap around skirt.


Step 2: Hook


Upon tying the knot, take the leftover fabric and wrap it around the waist one more time. Find the pleats in the left over fabric and use the hook behind the pleats to fasten into the waist belt loop. Adjust the hook based on your waist size and ensure that the pleats are in the middle of your waist. 


Step 3: Drape


Lastly, take the remaining fabric and lay it over your shoulder. Leave it to flowy if you’re feeling fabulous or  pleat it and pin it in place for a more put together look.


Now you’re all done and ready to go!


How is a Ready to Wear Saree (pre-stitched saree) measured?

You won’t have to worry about size because our ready to wear saree also comes in one size that we like to call universal size! It can fit anyone between the heights 5’0 and 5’8 and waist sizes 26-40 inches. With the easy tying method, you won’t have to worry about the saree being too loose or tight. For all the petite and tall ladies, we recommend you to drop an email at to place a preorder at no extra charge.

What is the cost of a Ready to Wear Saree?

If you are wondering what the price of this ‘too good to be true’ item is, don’t worry! We got you covered. At Mann Sey, the one minute sarees are very affordable with prices starting at $80!

Where can I get a Ready to Wear Saree?

Now you may be thinking, “This sounds amazing! But where can I get such a saree?” Well, we’ve got you covered. You can shop our one minute wrap sarees in various styles and designs at We proudly offer 2 day shipping within the United States.

So, the next time you want to wear a saree to an event, but can’t seem to figure out how to drape it, try our ready to wear saree!

 Written by Ananya Yerneni

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