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South Asian men’s fashion has reached new, luxurious heights. With intricate embroidery fit for the rajas of long ago mixed with today’s lavish comforts, Mann Sey’s kurta sets for men are the way to go. There is nothing more appealing than a man who embraces his culture with stylish flair.

So…what culture is the kurta?

The term “kurta” originates from Central Asian Turks. It spread to South Asia through the founder of Turkic Ghaznavid dynasty, Mahmud of Ghazni. By the Mughal period, the kurta was extremely popular throughout India for its debonair comfort. 

Today, the kurta is worn all over the world, for many different events—whether it be a wedding, or a simple get-together, one can never go wrong with this loose-fitting attire. 

Is the kurta a traditional dress?

Although the kurta is considered a hallmark of traditional South Asian fashion, modern innovation has allowed it to evolve with the times. In Lucknow, Punjab, a city that might as well be dubbed “kurta capital of the world”, weavers combine traditional and contemporary fashion for ageless clothing that looks dapper on anyone who tries it.  

The kurta is not only considered a staple outfit in Asian countries, but a fashionable one. There are so many new styles, such as linen kurtas and floral kurtas. That goes to be said, there’s nothing wrong with tradition, either — in fact, it can be the more appealing, vibrant choice. Or it just depends on what you feel like wearing. Both looks are excellent!

What are kurta pajamas? 

Kurta pajamas are considered to be more conventional sets. They are what most people think of when visualizing kurtas—the simple, two-garment outfit for Asian men. 

On the other hand, linen kurtas are made of rougher material. They have a more “crispier” feel, and are very form-fitting. Floral kurtas are the softer choice—they are made of perfect, flowy, and eye-catching material. If you are tired of kurtas that everyone else usually wears, these are lovely. They are considered to be a more “feminine” choice, but no matter who you are, you’ll look fantastic in them! Mann Sey has an absolutely fabulous collection of all three—check it out. 

What type of kurta pajama is the best? Should I buy from Mann Sey?

Mann Sey offers a variety of kurta pajama sets for men. Whatever you’re comfortable in is the best!

 If you’re looking for an elegant yet highlighted look, our asymmetrical turquoise linen kurta is the way to go. If you’re in the mood for a bright and unique outfit, check out our Olive Green Floral Print Kurta Set. 

In addition, our navy blue kurta set with red embroidery is an excellent set for any formal occasion. To start off February, it is currently on sale for 16 percent off! Make sure you buy it as soon as possible. 

Thanks to our top-notch material and versatile design, any kurta you buy from us will exceed expectations. You can’t get better quality than Mann Sey.

Written by Ruhani Chabbra

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