Trending Ruffle Saree Styles in 2022

A modern twist on classic ethnic attire, our ruffle saree is fun and carefree, perfectly suited for casual and party functions. Fire up your wardrobe with this flattering drape that envelopes you in elegance. At Mann Sey we also offer this style already sewed to easily drape as the pre-stitched ruffle saree. The ruffle saree comes in many styles such as the chiffon ruffle saree and the floral ruffle saree.

This chiffon saree is made of lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric and is ideal for the spring and summer months that are booked with outdoor events and weddings. With elegant draping and ruffle detailing, the saree has a feminine look. Exquisitely detailed with thread accents and designs throughout, this versatile dress has a stylish look, and barely skims the figure to give a modern touch. 

With vibrant colors, ruffles and flowers, the floral ruffle saree adds a cheery touch to this sheer, textured saree. Sarees are beautiful as is, but with the addition of fluttery chiffon sleeves and an easy-to-wear stitch that extends the length of the piece, it becomes the perfect look for any occasion. Another plus is that the comfortable fabric fits all sizes so no need to visit your tailor!

Another beautiful saree we sell at Mann Sey is the crepe saree. Crepe fabric sarees have a wavy crimped appearance like the surface of a crêpe with an elastic texture. These sarees, woven out of wool and polyester, or sometimes silk, have a unique feel because of the crimpy texture that is achieved by twisting the warp threads before weaving. Crepe sarees are very light in weight and are the most comfortable wear for hot weather. A crepe saree from our collections will make you feel royal and elegant.

Is ruffle saree still in trend?

Ruffles are a trend that have been in the fashion world for quite some time now. It is an easy way to make a statement piece with your outfit. They are flirty & fun and actually look good on everyone, without adding an extra weight or volume to the outfit. Ruffles add a youthful and flirty feel to each gorgeously colored saree. Perfect for more spring or summer events, this saree will have everyone complementing your style.

What is the price of a ruffle saree?

At Mann Sey the ruffle saree is usually around $120 but right now for a limited time we are offering them at a sale price of $80 per saree!

What is pure crepe silk?

Crepe silk is a versatile fabric with a soft sheen and is light-weight, making it perfect for any season. It's extremely soft, too, just like our silken fabrics, and you can find it here in all of our classic colors, in styles from formal to casual. Due to its unique weaving and knitting process, crepe silk is also very durable and less likely to wrinkle than other silks.

Is Crepe a silk? 

This item is made of crepe silk. This is a silk, wool, or synthetic fabric that has a distinctive wrinkled and bumpy appearance. It may be dyed any color and it is usually much stronger than other silks.

What is a chiffon saree?

The chiffon saree is a delicate, transparent and lightweight saree. Chiffon is a french word which means 'cloth'. It is made of tightly twisted yarn. The weight of the cloth makes it easy to manage and drape.It is typically sold as Georgette or crepe-backed satin in most places around the world.

Are chiffon sarees in fashion?

This saree is very popular and is designed to give a luxurious look. The work of the saree is quite fashionable. This saree is ideal for parties, wedding seasons, outings and daily engagements

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