An Introduction to Indian Saree Blouses

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Sarees are an essential south Asian attire for any and all occasions, but the look cannot be completed without the perfect, matching blouse. A blouse is generally cropped and fitted at the waist top, that covers the upper body and is worn to complement the beauty and grace of a saree. At Mann Sey, we have a wide collection of blouses that will each be the perfect partner for your saree. 

The Boat Neck Blouse

This blouse style is perfect if you want a contrast with your saree. The boat neck which consists of a high neckline that stretches from one inside of the shoulder to the other creates room for intricate designs and embroidery. This draws attention to the blouse and makes it the main point of the ensemble allowing for a simple saree to complete the look. A plain boat neck blouse can also elevate a look by being a clean palette to layer a beautiful saree with a complex design over. If you want a plain but classy look, the boat neck velvet blouse is sure to grant your wish.

The Raw Silk Blouse

The silk blouse is a trendy look for any saree style. Nowadays presenting itself in a sleeveless style bringing more attention to the flow of the saree down the side of the arm, it is perfect for a simple but sophisticated look. The sleeveless blouse can give a casual vibe, but depending on the saree it is paired with, you will end up with an outfit for any occasion. You can take a look at Mann Sey’s website to check out all the raw silk blouse designs!

The Sequin Blouse

Want to be a showstopper? Then this is the blouse for you. With this fabulous style of blouse, you can bring out your inner Bollywood superstar. The shimmery material stands out on the dance floor so a wedding sangeet would be a great time to pull out this piece. Pairing this blouse with a complementing or contrasting solid colored sequin saree will finish off the glamorous look with a bang. 

Which type of blouse is in trend?

While sarees stay more or less the same as a long piece of cloth, blouse cuts and designs are always changing and evolving. As seen above, the boat neck blouse is a style that is in with any length sleeves. Mann Sey carries beautiful sleeveless boat neck blouses. Another classic style that will never leave the spotlight is the sweetheart neckline. The ever flattering cut lets the wearer show off their collarbone and leaves room for bold necklaces. Backless has also come back into trend after a hiatus since its peak in the early 2000s. With halter style blouses and low cut backs, this blouse is a nice way to accentuate a sleek back. Of course, trends are not everything and you should wear whatever you feel you look best in! And we can assure that, here at Mann Sey, we have exactly what you need. 

What is the cost of a raw silk blouse?

At Mann Sey, raw silk blouses fall at the very affordable price of around $34 per blouse.

Are the blouse  products on Mann Sey handmade?

At Mann Sey, we take pride in employing skilled workers. All Mann Sey blouses are handmade and hand stitched by skilled artisans.

How do I personalize blouse items on Mann Sey?

All ready to ship blouses at Mann Sey come with running stitches and 2 inches of extra fabric to ensure the blouse fits perfectly. For all group orders (5+), blouses at Mann Sey can be personalized. Simply fill out the custom order form to get started.

Check out Mann Sey’s blouse collection on our website!

Written by Ananya Yerneni

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