Here's Your Perfect Guide to Styling Plain Sarees

The plain saree, a simple yet elegant look for any humble occasion. This saree style is perfect for first time saree wearers and expert veterans alike. This saree is usually a single color with little to no designs, prints, or patterns on the fabric. Accentuating the elegant drape rather than artwork is essentially the goal of this saree. Check out the plain saree online at! Our elegant collection of plain sarees reflects the exotic grace of India. These beautiful sarees are handwoven by artisans keeping in mind the latest trends and fashion. 

Of course a saree cannot be worn alone. The blouse is also an equally important piece of the exhibit. A plain saree with a matching colored blouse is a classic look. If you want to go bold and contrast for a youthful take on the concept, an opposite colored blouse might be the right move. If you want to go the extra mile and draw attention to the blouse, a blouse with designs or patterns could be the perfect fit for your plain saree.

Another saree that will give the wearer a graceful touch is the organza saree. Portraying the illusion of a glass sculpture, this saree gives off a dreamy aesthetic and is perfect for classy events. They are transparent, lightweight, and flowy.

If you want to turn heads and still wear a plain saree, you can do that simply by wearing a sequin saree. A sequin saree is typically georgette or chiffon saree embroidered with sequins. It is glittery, fun, and perfect for any occasion. You can choose to wear a ruffle sequin saree to glam it up even further. A sequin saree will never let you down.

How do you dress up a plain saree?

As mentioned above, the blouse is a great way to add character to a plain saree. Adding a patterned, designed, painted, or even a blouse with a trendy cut or neckline can make the saree stand out more. Having bold jewelry can also help to dress up the plain saree for a glamorous look.

What is special about Glass tissue silk saree?

Like a flowy cloud, this exclusive saree is made from glass silk fabric that is exceptionally lightweight and flowy like the finest silk. It will drape luxuriously across your body and leave you with lots of delightful movement. This unique material gives it a high shine, and it is available in lots of different color options to match any outfit.

What is the meaning of sequin saree?

This shimmering piece is a party dress as well as an elegant evening wear. This modern piece will take you from summer to fall and back again. The sequinned part of the fabric is adorned with embroidery of sequins and thread work all over. Make it a dramatic piece for evening wear by adding stunning drop earrings and high heels.

What sarees are in fashion now?

Our collection of beautiful sarees are the perfect way to enhance your ethnic fashion sense. Going for a traditional look? Then go with the plain saree. For a more modern look, go with the sequin or net saree. Combining the best of both worlds: the grand, expensive look of a silk saree with the lightness and softness of glass tissue. The glass tissue silk saree is timeless and luxurious. At our online store, we have a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from, including net, organza and chiffon sequin sarees.


Written by Ananya Yerneni

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